Cederblad 214 – obszar H II znajdujący się w konstelacji Cefeusza w odległości około 6000 lat świetlnych od Ziemi. Cederblad 214 wraz z mgławicą NGC 7822 jest częścią większego kompleksu mgławic. Została skatalogowana przez Stefana Cederblada w jego katalogu w 1946 roku.


This is a repro of my earlier Cederblad 214 shot. I liked the look of it recropped this way and some slight contrast tweaks. Think the interplay of dust and emission 

Posterazzi. Cederblad 214 affisch Skriv av Charles ShaharStocktrek bilder. 179,00 kr. Jakob Cederblad (Malmö).

Cederblad 214

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08-754 25 70 070-214 02 38. 35 Ilkka Timonen KRO. Vasavägen 40 A fotografi 38 Kristina Cederblad Sone. Allévägen 86 måleri. 08-626 81 24 073-983 54  1, Louise Cederblad.

8-10 éjszakát vett igénybe, hanem a feldolgozása is komoly nehézségeket támasztott. Cederblad 214 is one of the hottest known stars in our stellar neighborhood.

Nils Cederblad. Andra halvlek. Åke Bergh. Lars Feuk. Leif Larsson Skånes BF. Möllevångsgatan 24, 214 20 MALMÖ040-26 33 40. skanes.bf@telia.com 

North American and Pelican Nebulae. Orion and Running Man Nebulae. Rosette Nebula.

Cederblad 214

space, Cederblad 214, Cepheus wallpaper (photos, pictures) · Section Space · Similar wallpapers · Random wallpapers.

With active forums, two dark sites and a 2020-02-04 · I published the Cosmic Question Mark, Cederblad 214 and Sharpless 170 at February 9, his morning I published the photo of supernova remnant CTB1 (Abell 85). Photos are overlapping, so I was able to build a mosaic image out of them. image spans about ten degrees of sky vertically, that's as large as twenty full Moons side by side.!

Tillagt av Per Johansson den 25 December 2020 kl. 18.05; Se Bilder; Föregående | Nästa; Mitt rekord i exptid tror About this Object: The young stellar association Cepheus OB4 lies in a region of bright nebulosity known as NGC 7822 and S 171. The fainter northern arch of nebulosity is designated NGC 7822(North up East left) and the brighter southern cloud is designated S 171 (Sharpless, 1959) or alternatively Cederblad 214. Query : Cederblad 214 C.D.S. - SIMBAD4 rel 1.7 - 2021.03.24CET01:03:50 Available data : Basic data • Identifiers • Plot & images • Bibliography • Measurements • External archives • Notes • Annotations Cederblad 214 and NGC 7822 Nebulae. This fits liberator image is not available for sale.
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Cederblad 214

Shown within this circle are clouds of dust, perhaps heavy in the ashes of exploded stars, and new-born radiative suns in clusters with umitigated luminosity. Query : Cederblad 214 C.D.S.

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Sharpless 171 incorporates NGC 7822 and the active region Cederblad 214, much of which is imaged above. The area above spans about 20 light years, lies about 3,000 light years away, and can be seen with a telescope toward the northern constellation of the King of Ethiopia (Cepheus).

Ida Staafgård med tränare David Cederblad. Ida gjorde en historisk prestation på Färöarna när hon representerade Sverige på Nord-EM i Kvinnlig artistisk  Denna SFI-sida är en hobbysida framtagen av SFI-lärarna Kalle Cederblad och Hanna Hägerland utan koppling till en organisation eller utbildningsanordnare. Cederblad 214 is a large emission nebula in the constellation Cepheus. It is part of a complex that also includes a fainter, elongated nebulous expanse known as NGC7822 (outside of the FOV of this photograph). More information about Ced 214 may be found on Rob Gendler's webpage.