20 Aug 2013 The rise of the cloud has made it necessary to distinguish between solutions that are hosted and solutions that are installed on location.


This course teaches IT professionals how to integrate their on-premises AD DS environment with Azure AD and how to use Azure AD as a directory service.

b : something assumed or taken for granted : presupposition. In the meantime, my understanding in the original context is that the premises of a church not only include the main sanctuary, but also a reception area for socializing after services, classrooms for Bible study, perhaps a rectory or an additional small chapel, a parking lot, the church's landscaping and other elements that suggest the subjects of the warning sign are indeed plural. When "premise" means an assumption or a proposition that forms part of an argument, it is a singular noun. Its plural is "premises", and that plural always requires a plural verb. There is another meaning for the plural form "premises", though: a piece of land, or a building. "The premises" of a business or institution are all the buildings and land that it occupies on one site.* In your sentence, the book festival will probably be held somewhere ON the land around the school, so ON the premises would be correct.

The premises is or are

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What are synonyms for PREMISES? 31 Oct 2009 If Wikipedia is right about the origin of premises, ie it comes from standard wording in the recitals of contracts for the sale of land, where the  premise Add to list Share · noun. a statement that is assumed to be true and from which a conclusion can be drawn. synonyms: assumption, premiss · verb. set forth  15 Apr 2017 A single physical location is referred to as a “premises” despite the plural form; a “ premise” is a foundational assumption, which is totally different.

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A proposition antecedently supposed or proved; something previously stated or assumed as the basis of further argument; a condition; a supposition. + 22 

a deductive argument that is invalid, has one or more false premises, or both strong argument An inductive argument in which the conclusion follows probably from the premises--that is, an inductive argument in which it is unlikely that its conclusion is false if its premises are true On Premises: Companies that have extra sensitive information, such as government and banking industries must have a certain level of security and privacy that an on-premises environment provides. Despite the promise of the cloud, security is the primary concern for many industries, so an on-premises environment, despite some of its drawbacks While “premises” is a plural noun, it’s often used with a singular verb. So people might write or say “premises is” as well as “premises are,” and “premises was” as well as “premises were.” As for the usage you mention, “on premises,” that strikes me as a bit show-offy. Premise is an action that involves stating or assuming something as a proposition to an argument or a basis/condition for further heated discussions.

The premises is or are

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Name (used for marketing of the operation). Artificiell solningsanläggning. Artificial sunlight facility. Flytt av.

However, whilst technically correct the sentence displays another fault. "Any disputes arising out of this agreement shall have jurisdiction in the designated court where the leased premises are situated." 2008-10-15 premises definition: 1.
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The premises is or are

The first premise is checked   9 Apr 2020 The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines premises as “a tract of land with buildings thereon,” whereas premise is “a proposition anecdotally  20 Sep 2018 You see, the definition of premise is, according to Merriam-Webster, “a proposition antecedently supposed or proved as a basis of argument or  Indicators. The third method is a very mechanical method which utilizes your understanding of conclusion or premise indicators. These are words whose role in the  Define office premises.

Social areas are characterised by more varied designs. - Coordination of development and business adaptation in the Student Union Building, the railway carriage and the leisure facilities in Härryda.
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Definition of premise noun in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more.

So. Yo can say this premise or these premises,  20 Aug 2013 The rise of the cloud has made it necessary to distinguish between solutions that are hosted and solutions that are installed on location.