Though initially only offered as a single-serve operation, BKON has since launched its industrial-scale Storm Craft Brewer, which uses the RAIN technology to scale up cold brew production, brewing up to 32 times faster than the traditional immersion method. The machine is manufactured by Oat Foundry, out of Philadelphia.

Först tar ett vakuum bort gaser från ingrediensens cellstruktur - i detta fall  RAIN™ is BKON’s patented process that removes the air trapped in organic materials and extracts from the deepest layers of an element. It’s a simple, yet powerful invention that applies multiple vacuum cycles inside a chamber resulting in the most distinct beverage experiences. RAIN 101 (2017) RAIN POWERED Our story begins in a basement, where the pursuit of a more efficient cup of coffee resulted in a new discovery that changes the rules of beverage creation. BKON’s RAIN™ technology powers everything we do. BKON’s shelf stable, Bag-in-Box, RAIN™ applications enable brands to capture widespread distribution and consumer access to craft cold brew coffee.

Bkon rain

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Photos: BKON S ince hitting the market with their innovative craft brewer in 2014, BKON has continued to focus on innovating systems for the world of craft refreshment with its patented Reverse Atmospheric Infusion (RAIN) technology.. The RAIN process allows for programmable extraction for any organic matter, making it ideal for cafés and retail spaces with both coffee and tea programs. In 2019, BKON discovered a new innovation by combing the exclusive benefits of RAIN™ with the scalable opportunity that shelf stable UHT BiBs offer. BKON’s laser focus on cold brew production resulted in its discontinuation of the BKON Craft Brewer. Commercial RAIN™ powered system for crafting the purest and most flavorful specialty teas, coffees, infused waters and cocktails, by the glass. The Bkon craft brewer Powered by BKON’s patented RAIN™ technology, the BKON Craft Brewer gives artisans an innovative platform to craft a 2017-04-05 BKON plans to adapt its RAIN tech for all types of craft beverages, from teas to spirits to waters.

RAIN is known for delivering accurate and distinguishable coffee extractions. BKON’s newest breakthrough extends RAIN’s flavor advantage to shelf stable formats that utilize the UHT heat treatment method. BKON, creator of the transformative extraction process called RAIN (Reverse Atmospheric Infusion) has secured a USD$3 million Series-A investment led by GoodWest Industries, a national aseptic beverage packaging company based in Douglasville, PA. But how does the BKON Craft Brewer accomplish this taste feat I hear you say?

“RAIN technology allows us to both dramatically extend the product shelf life, and preserve the taste quality of our coffee, making a packaged beverage business more viable.” “The cold brew coffee industry is on the precipice of a market evolution similar to the recent craft beer phenomenon,” said BKON co-founder Lou Vastardis.

1,131 likes. BKON is dedicated to innovating how consumers experience Earth’s purest and most enjoyable flavors.

Bkon rain

From Vision to Reality. In 2016, BKON set out to unlock the aromatics and vivid flavors that inspire consumers to seek out unique blends and seasonal "specia

BKON’s intimate grasp of RAIN’s transformative nature provides the company a unique lens for innovating new products and market strategies within the world of beverage. The company’s first RAIN-powered product, the BKON Craft Brewer, received the coveted “Product of the Year” award in 2014 by the Specialty Coffee Association. 2020-08-13 · Vastardis said BKON’s next project is to go live with the Storm-XL brewer, a larger version of its existing Storm industrial brewer, scheduled for later this year.

BKON 858 N. Lenola Rd., Unit 1B Moorestown, NJ 08057. info@bkonbrew.com 856.206.0175. In the sky above is the BKON Craft Cloud™, a powerful platform for the creation, innovation and dissemination of recipes made possible through the RAIN process.
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Bkon rain

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RAIN is known for delivering accurate and distinguishable coffee extractions.
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Coffee roasters and beverage brands partner with BKON to craft the highest quality cold brew concentrates and extractions. Our industrial brewing services harness the power of RAIN™ to create unmatched flavor, stability and yield advantages for our customers.

The company's equipment uses rain technology to create new rules for flavor  May 4, 2014 at the heart of the system is a process known as Reverse Atmospheric INfusion ( or RAIN for short), which involves a series of process that draws  The BKON Craft Brewer looks straight out of some sci-fi film, and it acts like one too. It is built on BKON's proprietary RAIN—Reverse Atmospheric INfusion—  BKON® is a beverage technology company dedicated to unlocking a new world of natural drinks through the use of RAIN™ (Reverse Atmospheric Infusion®),  Sep 18, 2014 BKON Craft Brewer at Philadelphia's Counter Culture Training Center the BKON's patented RAIN (Reverse Atmospheric Infusion) process. Vacuum Cold Brew Gets Attention — BKON's RAIN Tech Extends Cold Brew Coffee Shelf Life · Read more · 5 min read · May 16, 2019 · This Coffee Tool to  BKON will be showcasing its new Cold Craft capabilities across a range of loose- leaf teas and specialty coffees, as well as hot brews. Witness how the RAIN  We then used BKON's innovative and proprietary RAIN system which is located right down the street from us; a super futuristic method of coffee extraction  Bkon Craft Brewer brewing systems pdf manual download.